Low-dose cyclophosphamide in the treatment of patients with lymphogenous metastases of melanoma

Korovin S., Ostafiichuk V., Kukushkina M.M., Palivets A., Kostyuk V.Y.

Summary. The study included 86 patients with skin melanoma with synchronous and metahronous metastases to the regional lymph nodes. Depending on the treatment regimen patients were divided into main and control groups. After histological confirmation of diagnosis, patients in both groups were intended course of the medium dose α2b interferon. Patients of the main group in addition, during the first 6 months, got low-dose cyclophosphamide 50 mg per os three times a week. Disease-free 5-year survival in patients of the main group was 18.2%, while the control group — 16.8% (p=0.237). Overall 5-year survival rate in the main group was 22.7%, in the control group was 19.0% (p=0.263).
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