Combined interferonotherapy for primary localized skin melanoma

Kukushkina M.M., Korovin S., Kukushkina S.М., Fil’chakov F.V., Shumilina К.S., Palivets A., Lоn A.D.

Summary. The question about adjuvant therapy for loca­lized skin melanoma remains open. The use of interferon-α (IFN-α) increases disease-free survival and has little effect on the overall survival. Given the potential synergies arising from the interaction of IFN-α and IFN-γ with different classes receptors, calls the interest of the combined use. The study included patients with melanoma stage IB–IIC after wide excision of the primary tumor, which were randomized into two groups: one received a combination therapy of IFN-α2b and IFN-γ, the second — therapy with IFN-α2b. In the course of treatment in both groups studied the toxicity and changes in immunological parameters. A study of 2-year overall and disease-free survival showed a tendency to improve long-term results in the group, which used a combination of interferon.
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