Results of treatment of soft tissue sarcomas in children using new chemotherapy programs with haemopoesis support by autologous peripheral blood stem cell

Shida E.V., Pavlik S.V.

Summary. Designed schemes of chemotherapy containing topotecan combined with carboplatin and cyclophosphamide in medium-high and high doses showed good efficacy in treatment children with malignant soft tissue tumors with bad prognosis. Complete and partial remission was reached in 57.6% of patients in main group of study. These results of treatment are the same in progressive countries and nearly in two times higher in control group (27.3%). Overall three-year survival of patients in main group is 44.1%, event-free — 34.4%; in control group accordingly 15.4 and 12.2%. Haemopoesis support by autologous peripheral blood stem cell after high-dose myelosuppressive regimes (topotecan combined with carboplatin and high-dose cyclophosphamide) decrease double the duration of leukopenia and thrombocytopenia stage IV, and frequensy of complications connected with myelosuppression.
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