PET-CT impact for early detection of ovarian cancer recurrence

Kharchenko E.V., Oliynichenko E.G., Klyusov A.N.

Summary. The aim of the study to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of positron emission tomography and computed tomography (PET-CT) for detecting recurrent ovarian cancer (OC). The retrospective study was performed. There were analyzed the data of OC patients whom PET-CT was performed in the Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center between 2011 and 2015. All patients received initial combined therapy. The overall sensitivity of PET-CT was 93%, specificity — 100%, the false negative and false positive rates — 4 and 0%, respectively, accuracy — 96%, positive and negative predictive value – 93 and 100%, respectively. PET-CT allows to detect OC recurrence with high sensitivity and specificity. The method should be used to monitor patients if there is a high risk of disease recurrence, doubtful results of other imaging techniques (ultrasound sonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) and elevated serum CA-125 levels.
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