The emergence of a second cancer in patients with breast cancer

Romanchuk V.R., Andriiv A.V.

Summary. There are analysis of a second cancer in 64 patients with breast cancer (BC) stage I–IV. Second most common disease was oncogynecology (uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer) — in 79.7% of cases. Oncogynecology disease occurred after an average of 74 months after the treatment of BC; colon cancer (10.9%) occurred in 72 months, melanoma (3.1%) — over 275 months, Β-cell lymphoma (3.1%) — over 336 months, stomach cancer (1.6%) — 72 months and kidney cancer (1.6%) — 5 months. The basic common risk factors of oncogynecology disease after treatment of BC are age, complicated heredity, early or late menopause, concomitant disease (hypertension, diabetes, nodular goiter, obesity, chronic cholecystitis), increased of tumor marker CA-125.
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