The use of modifiers — a way to improve efficiency of treatment of primary inoperable breast cancer patients

Smolanka I.I., Ivankova V.S., Skliar S., Ivankova O.N.

Summary. The article presents data of the effectiveness stu­dies of comprehensive method of neoadjuvant tumor therapy using fluoropyrimidine chemoradiomodifier and analyzed the short-term results of treatment with standard and developed methods of treatment of patients with locally advanced breast cancer. The study demo­nstrated that the conduct of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (CRT) on the background of the modifier allowed to increase on 27,5% the primary tumor response to treatment, namely, the cases of partial and complete regression, increased the frequency of surgical interventions. Fluoropyrimidines do not increase the toxicity of treatment used as the addition for neoadjuvant therapy regimen. In the study of disease-free survival rates showed a tendency to a probable increase in its core group of patients who underwent CRT on the background of fluoropyrimidines.
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