Experimental development and clinical approbation of new test system for monitoring of tumoral processes of colon

Kuzmenko A.P.1, Didenko G.V. 1, Priymak V.V.2

Summary. Objective consists of the experimental work and clinical trial of a new test-system — a system for monitoring the colon tumor process among patients. Subject and methods: the investigation was carried out using serum of animals with sarcoma 37 and Lewis lung carcinoma, serum of patients with colorectal cancer, colon adenomatous polyps and serum of healthy donors. Experimental oncology, immunology (imunofermental analysis, IFA), and statistical analysis methods were used. Results: protein components of the B. megaterium H culture medium and cytoplasm, protein components of the B. subtilis B-7025 culture medium and embryonal chicken proteins, that interacted with serum antibodies of mice with tumors of different histogenesis and the investigated patients serum antibodies during the IFA-test were collected and characterized. It was determined, that the antigens of B. megaterium H cultural medium and cytoplasm have the highest response rate for the constructed test-system among all selected protein components (92 and 87%, correspondingly). Results indicate the prospectivity of the constructed test-system for the colorectal cancer process monitoring among patients on treatment.
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