Experimental study of heat shock proteins in vaccinotherapy of patients with malignancies

Didenko G.V. , Kuzmenko A.P.

Summary. Vaccine produced using heat shock proteins (HSP) have significant therapeutic potential in the treatment of malignant neoplasms. One of the ways to increase the effectiveness of autologous HSP vaccines is the modification of tumor-associated antigens by cytotoxic protein-containing metabolites Bacillus subtilis B-7025. This paper discribes the induction and accumulation of heat shock proteins with Mr 70 kDa in tumor cells for account of hyperthermia caused by ultrahigh frequency generator and research of the antineoplastic efficacy of vaccines engineered on the basis of tumor cells enriched by heat shock proteins and metabolites of Bacillus subtilis B-7025. These vaccines in terms of growth inhibition of tumor node and antimetastatic effects were found to be more effective than vaccines produced by traditional technology.
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