Features of clinical flow of tumours of colon associated with ulcerous colitis and Сrohn’s disease

Gyulmamedov F.I.1, Sedakov I.E.2, Polunin G.E.1

Summary. Purpose of work: to study the features of clinical course of tumours of colon associated with an ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Materials and research methods: the results of treatment of 1020 patients with the inflammatory diseases of colon were analysed. At 83 (8.1±0.9%) the different types of tumours were exposed: cancer — at 39 (3.8±0.6%), inflammatory pseudotumour — at 44 (4.3±0.6%). Description of the material: in 40 (48.2±5.5%) cases a tumour process was the complication of ulcerative colitis, in 43 (51.8±5.5%) Crohn’s disease. Taking into account the general tendency of growth of morbidity and prevalence in the whole world ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, the amount of the different types of tumours associated with these diseases increased, from our data, in 6.8 times, including colon cancer in 13.6 times. Persons of able to work age were 73.5%. Presence at 84.1% patients with the inflammatory pseudotumours the dysplasia of different degree of mucous membrane outside the border of tumour, allows to take this state to obligate precancer condition, requiring obligatory surgical interference taking into account oncologic principles.
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