Comparative evaluation of the antitumor efficacy of allogeneic and xenogeneic vaccine modified by protein metabolites of B. subtilis B-7025

Kuzmenko A.P., Didenko G.V.

Summary. Comparative research of anti-tumor effects of allogeneic and xenogeneic vaccines on animals with Lewis lung carcinoma was conducted. High effectiveness of xenogeneic vaccines, developed on the basis of chicken embryonic proteins, was shown. As a result significant decrease of primary tumor (up to 50–90%) and Lewis lung carcinoma’s distant metastasis was observed. Anti-tumor effect was registered both in cases of tumor surgical removal and without surgical intervention. Such results significantly differed from data received after using allogeneic vaccine, made from such adjuvants and tumor antigens, which had frank antimetastatic effect only in case of primary tumor surgical removal. One of the possible anti-tumor mechanism of vaccines, created on the basis of xenogeneic embryonic proteins, is induction of antineoplastic antibody-dependent reactions of lymphocytes and macrophages — autological blood serum of vaccinated animals significantly increases (up to 50–100%) effector cell cytotoxicity.
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