Contents of the journal :   №4(16) 2014

Tumors of skin, soft tissues, bones

Treatment of patients with advanced cutaneous melanoma: current approaches and perspectives
Authors: Kukushkina M.M. Korovin S.I. Palivets A. Ostafiychuk V.V.... №4(16) 2014
Local immune response in patients with skin melanoma: the relationship with the efficiency of interferontherapy
Authors: Fil’chakov F.V. Grabovoy A.N. Lоn A.D. Kukushkina S.М.... №4(16) 2014

Pediatric Oncology

Problems with mobilization of peripheral blood stem cell in children with solid tumors
Authors: Klymnyuk G.I. Pavlik S.V. Shaida Е.V Khranovska N.M.... №4(16) 2014
The role of alteration of p53/MDM2 pathway regulation in neuroblastoma progression
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Inomistova M.V. Svеrgun N.N. Skachkova O.V.... №4(16) 2014


The methods of fertility preservation in women with lymphoproliferative diseases
Authors: Kryachok I. Kadnikova T. Titorenko I.B. Pastushenko J.... №4(16) 2014
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma during pregnancy
Authors: Novosad I.O. Pastushenko J. Skripets Т.V. Kryachok I. №4(16) 2014
The case of successful surgical resolving of chylothorax in patient with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Authors: Yaremenko A.V. Galaychuk I.Y. Babanly Sh.R. Humenyuk V.V.... №4(16) 2014

Experimental studies

Chemotherapy of solid tumors