Analysis of cytogenetic changes in patients with platinum refractory ovarian cancer

Rybin A.I., Kuznetsova O.V.

Summary. The article deals with topical problems of modern oncogynecology — predicting the sensitivity of ovarian cancer (OC) to platinum chemotherapy. The authors conducted a comparative analysis of the sensitivity of OC patients with stage IIIA–IIIC to adjuvant platinum chemotherapy drugs, depending on the presence or absence of cytogenetic disorders. This was a comparative analysis of 110 clinical cases of OC stage IIIA–IIIC, who underwent optimal or suboptimal cytoreductive surgery followed by adjuvant platinum chemotherapy. They identified various types of fragile sites of chromosomes in patients with OC. In patients with platinum sensitive OC revealed the following fragile sites of chromosomes: FRA(6)(q2.3–2.4), FRA(3)(p14–15), FRA(3)(q21), FRA(11)(q2.2–2.3), FRA(12)(q2.3–2.4). In patients with platinum refractory OC range of fragile sites were as follows: (1)(p3.3–3.4), FRA(3)(q2.3–2.4), FRA(4)(q3.1–3.2), FRA(8)(q24), FRA(5)(q2.3–3.1), FRA(7)(q31–32), FRA(17)(q12–13). In the studied groups it wasn’t found reliable correlations between the stage of disease, clinical characteristics of patients with a history of OC and tumor sensitivity to platinum drugs. Also the authors discovered reliable positive correlation between the presence of cytogenetic disorders in patients with OC and malignant ovarian tumors which are sensitive to chemotherapy drugs platinum. Cytogenetic violations encountered significantly more often in patients with platinum refractory OC.
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