Investigation of mechanisms of antitumor effect magnetic technology nanoterapy on model cultures of human malignant cells in various tissue genesis

Orel V.Е.1, Bezdyenyezhnih N.О.2, Nikolov М.О.1, Romanov A.V.1, Kudryavets Yu.I.2, Schepotin I.B.1

Summary. We studied an effect of the doxorubicin (DR), magnetosensitive nanocomplex (MNC) from Fe3O4 nanoparticles with DR, electromagnetic irradiation (EI) and constant magnetic field (CMP) on malignant cell line A-549, T-47D and HeLa S3. EI and CMF most effectively increased the cytotoxic effect of DR and MNC in the cell line A-549. Number of Topo IIα-positive cells with nuclear localization of antigen after exposure to magnetochemical factors differed depending on the tumor cells of various genesis. Magnetochemical factors initiated the reduction of positive cells in p21WAF1-protein with nuclear localization in T-47D cell line. The decrease of β-catenin-positive HeLa S3 cells after exposure DR, MNCs, EI and CMF was observed.
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