Orel V.Е., Nikolov М.О., Romanov A.V., Khranovskaya N.M., Skachkova O.V.

Summary. The antitumor effect of magnetosensitive nanocomplex of iron oxide nanoparticles and doxorubicin with electromagnetic irradiation on adenocarcinoma cells was studied. The mice cells of the LL line and human cells A-549 were used. The influence of magnetosensitive nanocomplex of Fe3O4 nanoparticles with KCl, doxorubicin and electromagnetic irradiation with the frequency of 40 MHz was investigated. Living and dead cells were counted with a Goryayev’s chamber. The apoptosis and distribution of tumor cells by cell cycle phases analyzed through flow citofluorimetry. The expression of topoisomerase II was investigated by the method of immunocytochemistry. Paramagnetic doxorubicin, which was in magnetosensitive nanocomplex, had greater cytotoxic effect than conventional doxorubicin, additional electromagnetic irradiation initiated the increase in cell death LL and A-549. Combined effect of electromagnetic irradiation and magnetosensitive nanocomplex most significantly increased number of apoptotic LL cells. In the case of A-549 cells maximum changes in apoptosis levels were after treatment by magnetosensitive nanocomplex without electromagnetic irradiation. Combined effect of electromagnetic irradiation with conventional doxorubicin, paramagnetic doxorubicin or magnetosensitive nanocomplex decreased percentage composition in S-phase of the cell cycle for LL. Treatment of A-549 cells by paramagnetic doxorubicin or magnetosensitive nanocomplex more effectively reduced the expression of topoisomerase II in cells A-549 than officinal doxorubicin.
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