Survival rate as a measure for evaluation of cancer care for population

Schepotin I.B., Fedorenko Z.P., Gulak L.O., Ryzhov A.Yu., Gorokh Ye.L., Sumkina O.V., Kutsenko L.B.

Summary. The preliminary analysis of survival rates for patients with cancer of digestive organs aimed at the evaluation of effectiveness of cancer care in most contaminated after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident oblasts has been performed. The rates have been calculated using the records of patients diagnosed in 2000–2006 from National Cancer Registry database. The analysis concluded that 5-year survival rate of digestive cancer patients in Ukraine does not exceed 20.3% for males and 24.2% for females; in the contaminated oblasts this rate is within 11.0–24.7% for males and 11.1–29.8% for females. The lowest 5-year survival rate — from 0.8% in Rivnenska oblast to 7.8% in Kyivska oblast — is in patients of cancer of esophagus. The highest 5-year survival rate is observed in patients of colon cancer of Volynska oblast — 51.7% in male population of and 47.3% in female population. Results of the study outlined the direction of further more detailed analysis of this cohort of patients.
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