Medicobiologic and organizational aspects of mortality from cancer of digestive system in Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident

Schepotin I.B., Fedorenko Z.P., Gulak L.O., Ryzhov A.Yu., Gorokh Ye.L., Sumkina O.V., Kutsenko L.B.

Summary. The analysis of dynamics of mortality of organs of digestive system aimed at detection of its features in population of whole Ukraine and contaminated after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident oblasts has been performed. Mortality rates have been calculated on the personal patients’ data from National Cancer Registry database; methods of descriptive epidemiology, medical and mathematical statistics have been used. The analysis covered all deaths from cancer in Ukrainian population in 1998–2011 and tabular retrospective incidence data of 1976–1996. It has been ascertained that mortality from digestive cancers in Ukrainian population has steadily increasing tendency, excluding for stomach cancer, with higher growth rates in the radiation contaminated oblasts. Main indices of oncological aid organization during 25 years after Chernobyl accident have positive changes, but one-year mortality rates for esophagus and stomach cancers in the contaminated territories exceed one in Ukraine. Results of this analysis become a scientific background for anti-cancer activity priorities taking into account the dynamic and territorial characteristics of the epidemiological process.
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