Value of molecular-genetic indexes for prognosis of chemotherapy toxicity in patients with breast cancer

Sivak L.A., Lyalkin S., Svеrgun N.N., Gubareva G.O., Klimаnоv М.Yu., Askоlskiy А.В., Kasap N.

Summary. Individual differences in activity of GSTP1 and MTHFR, mediated by gene polymorphism, may be associated with the risk of development of oncologic diseases, their natural history, chemotherapy resistance and development of toxicity. The analysis of genotype of genes of GSTP1 and MTHFR was performed in 130 patients with breast cancer. It was proved that toxicity of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients is genetically predisposed — a presence of mutant alleles genes of GSPT1 and MTHFR is the risk factor of development of gastrointestinal and cardiac toxicity.
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