Molecular-genetic characteristics of patients with multiple myeloma in Ukraine

Kostyukova N.I. 1, Rossokha Z.I. 2, Pilipenko G.V. 3, Yermolytskaya I.P. 4, Kyselyova M.Y. 5, Adzhyhytova L.V. 6, Harchevskaya T.I. 7, Garkusha M.G. 8, Vydyborets S.V. 1, Gorovenko N.G. 2

Summary. Conducted work allowed us to determine frequency of deletion polymorphism of genes GSTT1, GSTM1, frequency of genotypes according to polymorphous variants А313G, С3435Т genes GSTP1, MDR1 in 137 patients with multiple myeloma (MM), who did not differ from patients of different regions of Ukraine. Genetic similarity was determined in patients with MM from European populations and patience from Ukraine according to studied genes. Received results show that genotype СС according to polymorphism С3435Т of gene MDR1 is predictor of development of MM with unfavorable process at the expense of formation in most cases of type of Bence Jones. Perspective of further researches means studying the role of genetic factors in mechanism of formation the phenotype of reaction on treatment with evaluation of risk of development of refractory forms of MM.
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