Contents of the journal :   №1(9) 2013

Tumors of the head and neck


Characteristics of urogenital cancer incidence dynamics in Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident
Authors: Fedorenko Z.P. Gulak L.O. Ryzhov A.Yu. Gorokh Ye.L.... №1(9) 2013 / Review: 2
Nephroprotective therapy after kidney resection
Authors: Klimchuk L.V. Lisnyy I.I. Bielka К.Y. Voylenko O.... №1(9) 2013 / Review: 1


Molecular-genetic characteristics of patients with multiple myeloma in Ukraine
Authors: Kostyukova N.I. Rossokha Z.I. Pilipenko G.V. Yermolytskaya I.P.... №1(9) 2013 / Review: 5

Experimental studies

Role of miRNAs in neuroblastoma pathogenesis (review)
Authors: Inomistova M.V. Khranovska N.M. Klymniuk G.I. №1(9) 2013 / Review: 328
Cytological diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma based on fiber-optic bronchoscopy material (practice observation)
Authors: Bolgova L.S. Tuganova T.N. Yaroschuk T.M. Tarasova T. №1(9) 2013 / Review: 5652

Chemotherapy of solid tumors

Hepatotoxicity in patients with cancer pathology (diagnosis, treatment)
Authors: Karnabeda O.A. Tkach S.M Perederiy V.G Chichulay J.V №1(9) 2013 / Review: 1
Treatment and prevention of toxic phlebitis induced by chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer
Authors: Sivak L.A. Gubаrеvа А.А. Lyalkin S. Mаydаnеvich N.... №1(9) 2013 / Review: 1295