Surgery complications of giant tumors of the abdo­minal cavity and retroperitoneal space using circulatory arrest

Yemets A.1, Izhovskyy O.J. 2, Belokon O.V. 2, Protsenko E.V. 1

Summary. Surgical treatment is one of the major steps in the complex treatment of solid tumors in children. Some tumors in children manifest for the first time when the sheer size and stage of local control diagnose complicated forms of the disease require special surgical techniques for the surgical treatment. During the period from 2010 to 2012 were produced five surgeries for children with heart-lung machine. Mean operative time was 195±35 min, the amount of blood loss — 350±40 ml. Despite the low blood pressure is controlled, the use of «cell-saver», in one case we must resort to blood transfusion. Early postoperative complications occurred in 3 patients: in 2 patients (40%) was observed postoperative pancreatitis, which was treated conservatively, in 3 children (60%) — gastrostasis, 1 — chylorrhea that cupped conservative.
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