Evaluating the effectiveness of preoperative radiation therapy of primary-operable breast cancer

Zotov A.S.1, Lyubota R.V.2, Lyubota I.I.3, Anikusko N.F.3

Summary. The use of radiation therapy for breast cancer (BC) has a nearly 100-year history. This preoperative radiotherapy (PRT) promotes resection tumor and creates a hostile environment for implantation and growth of tumor cells during surgery. In the present study included 346 patients with BC at the age of 27 to 82 years (mean age 56±12 years) who were treated in hospital oncology National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets at the surgical department of the Kiev municipal clinical oncological centre in 2005–2006. Patients were divided into 5 groups. Four of them experimental, which differed with each method of preoperative radiation therapy, and one control, which made ​​the patients not receiving PRT. Evaluated overall and recurrence-free survival of patients.
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