Necessity and choice of preoperative therapy for patients with esophageal cancer

Ganul V.L., Kirkilevskyi S.I., Krakhmalov S.N., Kondratskyi Y., Zаitsev S.L., Frydel R.I.

Summary. Esophageal cancer is one of most heavily aleak oncologic diseases, and treatment of patients this pathology one of the most thorny problems. The results of independent surgical treatment of esophageal cancer remain unsatisfactory — 5 years and more than 50% patients more experience, and at the defeat of lymph nodes of mediastinum no more than 10–25%. The analysis of remote results of treatment of a 1041 patient with a esophageal cancer, treating oneself in the department of tumours organs of pectoral cavity of the Ukrainan National Cancer Institute is conducted. Combined treatment of patients with esophageal cancer from medium- and lower-thoracal departments of esophagus (preoperative radiotherapy and operative intervention in 2 weeks) must be the method of choice: 1-year survivability of patients by the esophageal cancer of II–III stage made 59,1% 3-years — 40,1% 5-years — 37,7% (only operation — 57,6; 28,0, and 24,6% accordingly). Application of the methodic of worked out in a department with the use of intraarterial chemotherapy allowed yet more to improve the remote results of treatment — one-year survivability made 70,4%; 3-years-old — 51,8%, that is founding for continuation of researches in this direction.
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