Histological evaluation of tumor response to chemo-/radiotherapy

Grabovoy A.N., Tarasova T., Koshubarova M.V.

Summary. Assessment of tumor response to treatment (TR) is an important criterion for the effectiveness of chemo-/radiation the­rapy and prognosis of oncological disease. Ray and clinical methods, providing valuable information, yet do not give the full characteristics of TR and should be supplemented by histological examination, which in addition to a detailed assessment of the effectiveness of therapy, significantly improves the accuracy of prediction of disease. The main histological parameter in the evaluation of TR today is the amount of viable tumor-treasured items. However, understanding what is important to characterize the TR is not only an estimate of the amount of residual tumor elements, but other features, makes the researchers look for ways to create a multivariate analysis, TR systems are suitable for a wide general use in medical practice.
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