Evaluation of completeness and quality of data about cancer patients registered under follow-up in Ukraine

Fedorenko Z.P., Gaysenko A.V., Gulak L.O., Ryzhov A.Yu., Gorokh Ye.L., Sumkina O.V., Kutsenko L.B.

Summary. The first research of cancer prevalence in Ukrainian population has been carried out to assess the completeness and quality of cancer patients’ registration. Prevalence rates that describe the amount of cancer patients under the oncological follow-up were calculated on the database of National Cancer Registry. Quality of data about 989 637 patients registered as alive in oncological institutions of Ukraine at the beginning of 2011 has been analyzed. The leading sites of cancer in prevalence structure has been determined; for male population they are: skin, prostate gland, lung, bladder and colorectal cancer (58.2% in total), for female population they are: breast, skin and female genital organs (67.0%). The study revealed shortcomings of patient’s vital status registration and defects in cancer dispensary follow-up. The results of the study help obtaining the reliable information about cancer prevalence, which is necessary for determination of priorities in anti-cancer activity in Ukraine
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