Combined treatment of gastric cancer with esophageal junction

Kondratskyi Y., Kirkilevskyi S.I., Krahmalyov P.S., Krakhmalov S.N., Zаitsev S.L., Frydel R.I.

Summary. Article is devoted to studying the effectiveness of preoperative intraarterial chemotherapy in patients with advanced cancer (T3-4N1-3M0) of the proximal stomach with the spread of the esophagus. In the study group included 21 patients in the control group of 25 patients. All patients diagnosed with stomach cancer spread to the esophagus. Preoperative pathohistological verification – undifferentiated adenocarcinoma. Patients of the study group received two courses of preoperative intra-arterial chemotherapy in a standard dose 5 fluorouracil and cisplatin.Courses of chemotherapy were carried out on the 1 st and 21 th day. Surgery was performed 3 weeks after the last course of chemotherapy. All patients underwent surgical intervention. Evaluated the results of a one-year survival rate and median life expectancy. The sum of complete and partial tumor regression (objective response) was 68.8% of patients. The toxicity of chemotherapy drugs used was quite acceptable, with no serious complications. The positive upward trend in percentage of radical surgical interventions in the treatment group compared with controls 66,6% and 40,0% respectively. Preoperative chemotherapy did not lead to an increase in postoperative complications. The findings suggest that the prospects of preoperative intra-arterial chemotherapy and require further study this issue.
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