Modern aspects of primary and metastatic liver cancer diagnostics

Golovko T.S., Lavryk G.V., Shevchuk L., Chalileev O.O. , Kolesnik E.A., Lukashenko A.

Summary. A complex of radiologic methods of examination was performed: ultrasound and multi-detected computed tomography in patients with primary and metastatic hepatic cancer. Using a complex of ultrasound methods to detect hepatic tumors permits to receive a wide and adequate information about tumor’s structure, size, location in liver, instill the presence of vessel invasion and assess hemodynamic disturbances. We have created and used protocol for CT-examination with administrating intravenous bolus contrast. Results were estimated in various scanning phases. The most specific and informative ultrasound and CT-signs in malignant hepatic tumors very systemized. Finally, due to performed diagnostic complex, we revealed spreading of malignant tumor in liver, beyond it, detected presence or absence of occlusion and it’s level and complete a process of installing the stage of the disease.
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