Results of surgical treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell cancer in the long bones

Diedkov A.G., Boychuk S.I., Kovalchuk P.A.

Summary. The surgical treatment outcomes in 30 patients with metastases in long bones of the renal cell carcinoma are demonstrated. The radical treatment (segmental resection with endoprosthetic replacement) was done in 16 cases (53/3%). The palliative treatment (tumor excohleation, defect plastic, intramedular osteosynthesis) was done in 14 (46,6%) cases. The functional MSTS assessment was provided: 83,2% in the patients with the radical treatment and 93,4% in other group. The survival mediana was 38,2 and 17,3 months accordingly. The surgical treatment improves the functional activity and the life quality of the patients.
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