Results of surgical treatment of the multicentral early gastric

Ivanovich D.M., Turkin I.N., Davydov М.М., Levitskyi A.V.

Summary. Frequency multicentrical early gastric cancer is reported in the literature from 2 to 16%. Preoperative diagnosis of this pathology is complex.Debated is the question of the rational extent of surgery for early cancer multitsentrichnom. In the CRC in 1990–2008. 394 patients operated on early gastric cancer. Diagnosed on the basis of morphological examination of biopsies and surgical specimens. All patients received surgery alone. The degree of radical surgery, according to the criteria of UICC, consistent with R0. Prognostic role of morphological features and multitsentrichnogo early gastric cancer (n=23) compared with the same characteristics monotsentrichnogo early cancer (n=371). To assess the criterion of «survival» used the moment method for constructing life tables.
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