Possible toxic complication of conservative treatment of advance forms of cervical cancer and their prevention

Ivankova V.S., Shevchenko G.N., Khrulenko T.V., Baranovska L.M., Stoliarova O.Yu., Khrulenko L.T.

Summary. Іmprovement of chemoradiotherapy due to multifactoring of the treatment’s methods of patients with advance forms of cervical cancer. It was proved chemoradiotherapy of 149 patients with advance forms of cervical cancer IIB–IIIB (T2b–3bN0–1M0) according to developed methods of complex conservative therapy taking into consideration an individual planning of radiotherapy by norms of not surpassing the level of normal tissue’s tolerance. It was estimated the expression of common and local chemoradioreactions of critical organs and tissues. Toxic effects of treatment of researched and control groups did not differ from each other and did not exceed the second rate.
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