Clinical case of prolonged locoregional progression of malignant skin melanoma

Остафійчук В.В., Коровін С.І., Кукушкіна М.М., Ткаченко О.І., Максимовський В.Є.

Summary. Melanoma is an aggressive oncological disease with a fairly rapid systemic spread that is provided by the lymphogenous and hematogenous metastasis pathways. The treatment of metastatic skin melanoma is a complex issue and has not been studied so far. Goal. Study of long-term locoregional course of skin melanoma with using different treatments. Materials and methods. There is presented the clinical case of expressed a positive effect of treatment with interferon alfa-2b metastatic skin lesions in a patient with melanoma. Conclusion. The presented clinical observation again confirms the complexity and versatility of understanding the development of malignant tumors and again points out the correct choice of treatment for skin melanoma.

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