The contribution of cytopathologists to the development of morphological diagnostics of oncological diseases in Ukraine (to the 100th anniversary of the National Cancer Institute)»

Bolgova L.S., Tuganova T.N., Loginova E.A., Alekseenko O.I., Marinenko S.V., Yarochuk T.M., Makhortova M.G., Bogonis N.V.

Summary. From the day of existence and the beginning of the research work of the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine (former KRROI), the researchers have made a significant contribution to the development of the cytological diagnostic method. On the basis of their cytological studies, the Anticancer Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 1948 recognized the method of cytological diagnostics as reasonable, promising and recommended it for use in scientific research and in oncological practice. Researchers of the pathological department A. Rudenko and L. Kunitsa independently of each other modified the Papanicolau staining method for more accurate cytological diagnosis. A. Rudenko on the histological serial sections of the removed tumor established the multifocal type of growth of cervical cancer. L. Kunitsa was the first in world practice to discover and describe the characteristic cytomorphological and structural signs of small cell (undifferentiated) lung cancer. A. Melnik introduced a method of cytological screening for cervical cancer, which contributed to the efficiency of detecting precancerous and cervical cancer and made it possible to cure women with precancerous conditions. A. Melnik initiated and facilitated the opening, with the support of the director of the institute, professor A. Pozmogov, the only one research laboratory of cytological diagnostics in Ukraine. A. Melnik prepared and published 2 books of cytological diagnosis of tumors and 5 methodical recommendations. He trained 3 candidates of medical sciences. He was teach of cytopathologists. Candidate of medical sciences, the head of research laboratory V. Loboda and professor K. Galakhin was trained by the candidate of biological sciences E. Loginova. V. Loboda is a co-author of 2 books and 2 methodical recommendations. L. Bolgova was the first to discover and describe the cytomorphological signs of malignant epithelial and spindle cell thymoma. She trained 4 candidate of medical sciences, organized and conducted 9 scientific and practical conferences and seminars with the active participation of employees. Wrote and published with the participation T. Tuganova and colleagues 3 monographs, 6 textbooks for cytopathologists and 8 methodical recommendations. Professor L. Bolgova prepared for publication the book «Cytological diagnosis of tumors of human». She created the public association «Ukrainian Association of Cytopathologists» with the support of the administration of the «CSD» laboratory, organized and held its first congress with the participation of employees (2017). L. Bolgova trained doctors-cytopathologists who are currently working in the laboratory of cytological diagnostics in the National Cancer Institute. She conducts train cytopathologists of Ukraine at probation and information courses with the participation of researchers. Since 2019, at the Department of Pathological and Topographic Anatomy at the National medical academy of postgraduate education name P. Shupik, L. Bolgova and сandidate of medical sciences T. Tuganova and O. Alekseenko are teach on the thematic improvements of cytological diagnosis of tumors. Classes are held under an agreement between two institutions at the Laboratory of cytological diagnostics of the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine.

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