The course features of HER2/neu-low breast cancer

Bondar M.V., Syvak L.A., Tarasenko T.Ye., Martynyuk O.M., Lyalkin S.A., Shudrak P.A.

Summary. Breast cancer (BC) occupies a major place in the female population oncological diseases structure and is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality. Currently, the BC with HER2 low expression is being investigated in the purpose of the novel antibody-drugs conjugates appliance. Materials and methods. Retrospective analysis was performed in aim to study the influence of clinical-laboratory and molecular-genetic characteristics of HER2-low BC on the effectiveness of polychemotherapy among 458 BC patients, aged from 24 to 83 years, average age- 54±11 years. All patients received medical treatment according to the international standards, depending on the BC subtype. Results. It was determined that HER2-low BC is a heterogeneous group of tumors. Regardless of the HER2 level, BC was more often diagnosed at the early disease stages. It was determined that the frequency of BC recurrences was higher in patients with greater HER2 expression, but it was not statistically significant, p>0.05. Conclusions. The obtained results propose general concepts of HER2-low BC and require further study.

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