Number Т. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)

Keyword :   neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for resectable gastric cancer
Authors: Lukashenko A.V. Boiko A.V. Т. 9, № 3 (35) 2019 / Review: 2
Differential expression of miR-124 and miR-155 in tumor tissue of breast before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Authors: Ryspayeva D.E. Khranovskaya N.M. Inomistova M.V. №3(27) 2017 / Review: 215
 Immunoreactivity in melanoma patients: the relationship with morphological signs of primary tumor ulceration and long-term results of combined treatment
Authors: Kukushkina S.М. Fil’chakov F.V. Korovin S.I. Grabovyi A.N.... №1(25) 2017 / Review: 524
The role of microRNA in the individualization of treatment of breast cancer patients
Authors: Ryspayeva D.E. Kryachok I.A. №4(24) 2016 / Review: 1
The analysis of large-fractional preoperative radiotherapy in patients with larynx cancer
Authors: Kostyshyn I.D. Romanchuk V.R. Tumanova O.A. Kryzhanivska A.E.... №2(18) 2015 / Review: 727
The role of alteration of p53/MDM2 pathway regulation in neuroblastoma progression
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Inomistova M.V. Svеrgun N.N. Skachkova O.V.... №4(16) 2014 / Review: 357
Triple negative breast cancer: current view on the problem
Authors: Sivak L.A. Lyalkin S. Mаydаnеvich N. Klimаnоv М.Yu.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 1
Chemotherapy in the treatment of patients with cervical cancer stage IIB
Author:Kryzhanivska A.E. №7 (3) 2012 / Review: 5980
Modern aspects of medical therapy of breast cancer
Authors: Smolanka I. Skliar S. №7 (3) 2012 / Review: 1
Neoadjuvant intraarterial chemotherapy sarcomas of limbs and pelvis
Authors: Yugrinov O. Dedkov A.G. Nowak E.M. Kovalchuk P.A.... №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 1876
Effect of the neoadjuvant chemotherapy on surgical treatment muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Vitruk Iu. Voylenko O. Vukalovich P.S. №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 3
Treatment of patients with the oesophageal cancer
Authors: Kondratsky U.N. Ganul V.L. Kirkilevskyi S.I. Zаitsev S.L.... №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 5038
Combined treatment of gastric cancer with esophageal junction
Authors: Kondratsky U.N. Kirkilevskyi S.I. Krahmalyov P.S. Krakhmalov S.N.... Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 5808