Factors of prognosis in colon cancer patients

Романчук В.Р., Голотюк В.В.

Summary. The basis of the study was the results of the observation of 973 patients with colon cancer (CC). Such prognostic factors as localization of the tumor (colon diseases department), age of the patient at the time of diagnosis, sex, cancer differentiation grade (gradus) G were studied. All patients were divided according to the stage of the disease (TNM system). Patients with Stage II, III and IV CC were examined and observed. The analysis of the results obtained was made by comparing the studied parameters within each of the stages of CC and together for the total number of patients, determining their effect on the survival. In determining the effect of cancer differentiation grade (G) on the overall survival of patients with CC for the total number of patients, it is possible to note practically the same indexes for G 1 and G 2 (in 5 years of observation) and significantly worse survival in group G 3. In the analysis as the prognostic factor of the location of the primary tumor in patients with CC a weak overall survival of patients with Stage III CC is observed, while in Stage II and Stage IV the data obtained are independent.
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