Transthoracic biopsy under spiral computed tomography control for diagnostic of lung and mediastinal tumors

Yarynich К.V. , Yarynich V.I. , Makaruk I.M. , Skorodumov U.A., Mohylyuk A.V. , Tertychna N.M. , Kramar T.M. , Lyulya I.E. , Hryshko М.P. , Kalynyuk O.S. , Mikhalskiy A.V.

Summary. Transthoracic biopsy (TTB) — invasive diagnostic method of research, which allows biopsy through the chest wall. TTB makes it possible to obtain material for cytological, histological, immuno-histochemical, bacteriological research. In the article assesses the diagnostic possibilities of TTB in lung and mediastinal tumors. In the article analyzed three years of experience in the period from 2012 to 2015. During this period in the Communal Institution «Kirovohrad Regional Oncology Center» was done 135 biopsies of 133 patients controlled by spiral computed tomography (SCT). The size of tumors ranged from 5×8 mm to 10 cm, depth of tumor ranged from 0 to 45 mm from the parietal pleura. Research results: in 80 cases (59.3%) is set malignancy, in 35 cases (25.8%) benign process; 8 cases (5.9%) failed to get morphological material; in 7 cases (5.2%) biopsy was uninformative; in 5 cases (3.8%) received pseudonegative results. Complications: in 12 patients there was partial pneumothorax, it is 8.9%. Pulmonary hemorrhage after biopsy were not observed. TTB lungs and mediastinum controlled by SCT has high diagnostic value for the bulk verification process of the pleural cavity.
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