Complex radial diagnostics in assessing complications in patients with bladder cancer after radical cystectomy and ileoneocystoplasty in the early postoperative period

Golovko T.S., Gavrylyuk O.М., Voylenko O.A.

Summary. The results of the complex radial examination of the early post-operative complications in 75 patients with bladder cancer, after a radical cystectomy and ileoneocystoplasty, that were performed at the clinic of the National Cancer Institute. Having studied the regularity of changes in the MR images of kidneys and the urinary tract, the specifics of urodynamics of the patients diagnosed with bladder cancer after the surgical interventions were determined, and the MR symptoms of the early postoperative complications were systematized, those include the additional lesions in the projection of the surgical intervention, enlarged and transformed lymph nodes, volume of liquid in the pelvis, fistulous tract, free liquid in the pelvis.
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