Problematic issues in limb salvage surgery of pelvic bone tumors

Kostyuk V.Y., Diedkov A.G., Volkov I.B., Boychuk S.I., Kovalchuk P.A., Ostafiichuk V.

Summary. Malignant bone tumors of the pelviс bones — a relatively rare group of lessions with different histological structure and common surgical treatment problems. Anatomical and topographical features and limb salvage treatment of patients with pelvic bone tumors are among the most pressing problems of orthopedic oncology. The achievements of modern medical implantology and chemotherapy allowed to change the traditional treatment with limb loss for reconstructive limb salvage intervention. However, most researchers are faced with significant quantity postoperative infectious complications, poor limb functionality and low quality of life. The aim of the desk review is a thorough analysis of scientific publications about limb salvage pelvic bone tumors surgery.
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