Influence of perioperative analgesia with dexketoprofen and alkaloids of opium on some parameters of cell-mediated immunity in oncological patients

Lisnyy I.I., Stakhovsky О., Klimchuk L.V., Khranovskaya N.M., Skachkova O.V., Ushakov S.V. , Katrychenko M.O. , Kabanchuk Y.A.

Summary. Present article investigates the influence of perioperative analgesia with alkaloids of opium and dexketoprofen on some para­meters of cell-mediated immune response in renal cancer patients undergoing partial or radical nephrectomy. It had been shown that analgesia with dexketoprofen results in less severe postoperative immunosuppression than analgesia with the alkaloid of opium. Thus, patients treated with dexketoprofen had higher levels of IFN-γ-producing T-cells, quantity and cytotoxic activity of NK cells.
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