Prognosis of breast cancer course by identifying gene intersektyn ITSN2

Sivak L.A.1, Kriachok I.A.1, Gubareva G.O.1, Lyalkin S.1, Mаydаnеvich N.1, Askоlskiy А.В.1, Kropivko S.V.2, Lavryk G.V.1, Novohatskaya O.V.2, Ciba L.A.2, Rindich A.V. 2

Summary. Given the clinical and genetic heterogeneity of breast cancer is by far one of the main problems is the prognosis of the di­sease. Detection of complex networks of protein interactions, study the characteristics of gene expression in tumor samples and the development of technology of gene expression profiling ITSN2, may be an independent prognostic factor for predicting the absence of relapses.
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