Chemotherapy and targeted therapy combination in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer: case report

Kuznetsova O.V., Rybin A.I.

Summary. Despite the current 1 line chemotherapy standard of ovarian cancer treatment remains unsatisfactory. Survival without progression is only 16–23 months, and overall survival is ­31–65 months. 2 line chemotherapy selected individually by doctor, based on existing recommendations, as well as taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities of the patient. Great progress in the treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer has been in recent years, thanks to combination of chemotherapy and targeted therapy. Thus, the management of patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer should be personalized. Combination of chemotherapy (paclitaxel + cyclophosphamide) and target therapy (bevacizumab) has a high efficacy and good tolerability, survival without progression is more than 12 months.
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