Kidney function relation to size of the tumor in renal cell cancinoma

Stakhovsky О., Stakhovskyi E.O., Vitruk Iu., Voylenko O.A. , Vucalovych P.S., Kotov V.A., Gavrylyuk O.М.

Summary.  In this work authors aimed to research the influence if the tumor and specifically tumor size on kidney function. They analyzed results of investigation of patients with verified renal cell carcinoma and studied kidney function in those patients. Gromerular filtration rate, that is usually approximately calculated with formulas for approximation, but in this study authors used nephro scintigraphy that allowed to estimate GRF separately in each kidney. Authors concluded that with increase in size of the tumors kidney function decreases. There was a significant difference in kidney function between kidneys harboring tumors below and over 7 cm.
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