The individualisation of chemotherapy in patients with osteosarcoma depending on angiographic criteria of the treatment pathomorphosis

Diedkov A.G.1, Boychuk S.I.1, Yugrinov O.1, Grabovoy A.N.1, Vyrva O.Ye.2, Kovalchuk P.A.1, Nowak E.M.1

Summary. The results of combined treatment of 47 patient’s with high grade osteosarcoma (stage IIB) were examined. The Methotrexate (12 g/m), Cisplatin (120 mg/m intraarterial), Doxorubicin (75 mg/m) and Ifosfamide (8 g/m) were included in the treatment scheme. Using the angiographic criteria we could prognose the poor disease course, to intensify individual chemotherapy, to improve the treatment pathomorphosis and treatment results. Due to the intensification of chemotherapy in high-risk group of patients we have received improvement of the treatment pathomorfosis in 37,5%. We received the high treatment pathomorphosis in 72,3% of patients. The 2-years overall survival was 97,13±2,49% and disease – free survival was 87,23±4,90%.
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