Treatment of patients with testicular germ-cell tumors: current strategies and results of therapy assessment

Sivak L.A., Lyalkin S., Stakhovsky О., Voylenko O.A. , Kasap N., Klimаnоv М.Yu., Mаydаnеvich N., Askоlskiy А.В.

Summary. The incidence of germ-cell testicular tumors has increased more than twice in recent years, in male patients from 20 to 35 that is one of the most frequent cancers. The treatment efficacy was assessed in 113 germ-cell testicular tumors. The results demonstrated the achievements of chemotherapy in this malignancy. Even in advanced stages the cure rate can exceed 80%. Such progress was achieved due to adequate chemotherapy combinations, careful prognostic factor evaluation and strict follow to algorithms of therapy shown in this article.
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