Surgical tactics in treatment cancer of rectum

Shudrak A.1, Umanets O.I. 2, Tsema E.V.2, Nechaj V.S.2, Biba O.P.2

Summary. 414 spincter-saved operations in the patients with cancer of rectum we have performed. Anterior resection and low anterior stapler resection of rectum we have performed in 204 (49.2%) patients with cancer of upper-third and middle-third of rectum. Lowest anterior resection of rectum with evagination-stapler anastomosis we have performed in 68 (16.6%) patients with cancer of upper part of low-third rectum. Intersphincteral resection with sphincteroplasty or sphincterolevatoroplasty we have performed in 94 (22.7%) patients with cancer of low part of low-third rectum. Abdominoperineal extirpation of rectum we have performed in 48 (11.6%) patients with cancer of low-third rectum with lesion of external anal sphincter. 45 (11,6%) patients in postoperative period have complications: fallacy of anastomosis — 11 (2,7%) patients. 20 (4,8%) patients have local-regional recurrence after sphincter-saved operations and 4 (0,9%) patients — after abdominoperineal extirpation of rectum.
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