Fertiliti-sparing treatment of invasive cervical cancer: review of literature and own experience

Svintsitsky V., Vorobyova L.I., Tsip N., Ligirda N.F., Goncharuk I.V.

Summary. Fertility-sparing treatment program of invasive cervical cancer reported in the literature were analyzed. Clinical trials of radical abdominal trachelectomy in the treatment of 27 patients of reproductive age with squamous cell cervical carcinoma T1b1 stage held in the Oncogynecological department of National Cancer Institute. Improved indications for a radical abdominal trachelectomy. Own experience of the radical abdominal trachelectomy positive: the duration of the operation — 130±15 min, the volume of blood loss — 270±50 ml. The average hospital stay — 9±1,2 days. Observation period — 60 months. All patients recovered menstrual cycle, relapses was not detected. Radical abdominal trachelectomy — an effective fertility-sparing treatment for women with invasive cervical cancer T1b1 stage.
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