Oral cancer screening: background, current status and prospects (literature review)

Ivashchuk O.I., Hovornyan S.L., Bodyaka V.Y., Chuprovska Yu.Ya.

Summary. Summary. This research focuses on the study of oral cancer, as well as all available screening methods for this type of cancer. The aim of the research. Evaluate screening methods, their specificity and sensitivity, as well as the appropriateness and relevance of existing screening techniques to the global requirements for screening programs, and establish the prospects for further scientific study of oral cancer screening. The method of this research was the literature review and looking for data about above mentioned topic in different scientific and methodological bases. The result of this research show, that there is no successful try to provide an organized or opportunistic screening programs and none of them was accepted by any level of health care system. The main way of screening was a physical examination of oral cavity with different adjuvant me­thods, but all of them were not specific and sensitive enough. Conclusions. None of the known screening methods is compliant, workable, effective, sensitive or minimally invasive enough. Thus, this study highlights the importance of finding a new method of screening for oral cancer.

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