Analysis of mortality of patients with colorectal cancer in Kharkiv’s multidisciplinary hospitals

Yakovtsova I.I., Yakimenko A.S., Ivakhno I.V., Danyliuk S.V., Dolgaya O.V., Chertenko T.M.

Summary. Abstract. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a malignance which can lead to mortal complications even without significant tumor progression. CRC can be also characterized by rapid spreading. The aim of current investigation is to define the main clinical and pathological features of CRC by autopsy. Materials and methods. The results of 321 autopsies of patients who died from CRC in Kharkiv hospitals were analyzed. According to autopsy reports and medical records there were investigated such data as: sex, age of patients, tumor localization, their histolopathology, spreading level, anamnesis data, direct case of death. Results. Of those who died in multiprofile hospitals (6635 cases), CRC was a main cause of death in 4.83% (321 cases). Localization of the primary tumor in sigmoid colon and rectosigmoidal region was in 37.5%, in cecum — in 16.5%, in rectum — in 11.9%. IV tumor stage was only in 43.6% (140/321) of cases, among them more common localizations of metastases were: liver, lungs and peritoneum — in 39.5%, 21.8% and 11.2% respectively. Metastases only in one organ were in 51.4%. Among patients who died from CRC, deaths were caused more commonly by local complications; tumor generalization and perforation of tumor were the causes of death in 27.1% and 18.3% respectively. Death after surgery for local complications was most often due to heart failure or pulmonary embolism. Among patients who died from CRC 66.3% were received a treatment of cancer or complications for the first time. Deaths from recurrences within first, second years and after five-year postoperative period were in 36.5%, 67.0% and 24.5% respectively. Conclusions. Of those who died in multiprofile hospitals, CRC was a main cause of death in 4.83%. The most common localization of CRC was sigma or rectosigmoidal region — in 37.5%. The most common causes of death among patients who died from CRC were local complications. Tumor spreading was the case of death in 18.3%. The 66.3% of patients, who died from CRC, did not get any cancer treatment previously. Recurrences which caused fatal outcome among patients after surgery in the past were in 19.0%, among them within first 2 years — in 67.0%.

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