Opiod-free analgesia in perioperative period. Review

Pochynok O.O.

Summary. Purpose: to consider options for non-opioid drugs and their effectiveness in reducing the opioid load in the postoperative period in cancer patients. Materials and methods: The work is based on the results of research of Internet search engines «Google», «PubMed», journal «Anaestesia & Analgesia». The article presents research of many authors on this topic. Conclusions: Non-opioid (multimodal) analgesia is an alternative method of analgesia for patients that can reduce opioid usage and its side effects. Based on the results of theese systematic reviews, I can make a conclusion that each of the drugs described in this review has a postoperative analgesic effect and reduce the number of required opioids after surgery. Therefore, these drugs can be recommended to reduce the number of opioids and be used as adjuncts to reduce pain.

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