Radiology in the diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma (review of literature)

Yatsyna O.I., Kostyshena V.I.

Summary. After more than two decades of increasing incidence rates of malignant tumors worldwide, the trend of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) incidence has been noted only in recent years. The widespread use of non-invasive radiological diagnostic methods (e.g., ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound), computed tomography) has made it possible to diagnose RCC in time at early stages, which are amenable to effective therapy. The introduction of diffusion-weighted imaging technology in combination with the determination of the diffusion coefficient will allow to revise the algorithm of examination of patients with RCC, for qualitative differentiation of malignant tumors. In the future, it is possible to completely replace computed tomography as the gold standard of diagnosis for RCC with a complex of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging.

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