Features of the surgical treatment of the breast cancer with grouped microcalcifications

Smolanka I.I. (sen.), Movchan O.V., Lyashenko A.O., Loboda A.D., Smolanka I.I. (jun.), Dosenko I.V., Ivankova O.M.

Summary. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the influence of grouped microcalcifications of the breast on the recurrence-free survival of patients with breast cancer, to analyze the main surgical interventions for patients with or without microcalcifications. Materials and methods. There were 60 female patients involved in the study. The first group — 30 patients with locally advanced breast cancer (LBC), with the groups of microcalcifications that went beyond of borders of a solid tumor, formed clusters, «tracks», etc.; second group — 30 patients with breast cancer of identical stages, but without groups of microcalcifications. The results. There were more difficult to achieve a «clean edge» and R0 resection in patients with grouped microcalcifications and it required a higher percentage of oncoplastic interventions and subcutaneous mastectomies. There was a significant difference in recurrence-free survival between patients with and without microcalcifications for a five-year period — 73.4% versus 86.7%. Recurrences mostly occurred in patients who underwent traditional interventions, which makes oncoplastic operations and subcutaneous mastectomies the method of choice for surgical treatment of patients with grouped microcalcifications.

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